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Earn profits from our premium blockchain-based online Sportsbook, Casino and eSports betting platform simply by holding MBET tokens.

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What is MOONBET?

Moonbet is the world's first community-driven decentralized iGaming ecosystem.

It allows the community to become owners of a world-class online sportsbook, casino, and eSports betting platfom through decentralized gaming.

Through the MBET token based on the Binance Smart Chain, Moonbet allows holders to receive 50% of the profits from the Moonbet Sportsbook & Casino. The other 50% is reinvested to build an unmatched player experience.

The Next Generation of iGaming

Moonbet is disrupting the online betting industry by creating a decentralized ecosystem where the entire community earns.

Decentralized yet Managed

Most ‘decentralized’ iGaming platforms do not use the same principles that make traditional online sportsbooks and casinos attractive to players. Our experienced team creates the same great user experience that the world’s leading platforms offer, while leveraging the emerging technology of blockchain to cater to the cryptocurrency niche.

Strategic iGaming Marketing

Acquiring players is the most important aspect of any successful iGaming operation. Our marketing strategy incorporates proven techniques such as bonuses, referrals, sponsorships, and more, converting traditional bettors into blockchain-based users.

Community-Driven Engagement

By developing the MoonBet ecosystem of holders that benefit from every bet placed in our Sportsbook & Casino, our global community will be able to drive organic marketing initiatives. Not only does this reduce marketing costs, but it also allows us to circumvent regulations on paid advertising for iGaming and optimize reach across all markets.

Benefits for Token Holders

MBET is the native token of Moonbet ecosystem built on the Binance Smart Chain. By holding MBET tokens, the Moonbet community members benefit through:

Profit Airdrops

All holders of the MBET token will receive 50% of the profits from the Moonbet Sportsbook & Casino. This allows you to earn a passive income just for being a community member.

Marketing Rewards

To help us bring Moonbet to the world, community members can earn MBET tokens and a referral bonus from the Sportsbook & Casino by participating in organic marketing.

Community Governace

As part of the Moonbet community, you will have the opportunity to participate in governance votes that will help shape the direction of the project for the future.

Benefits for Moonbet Players

We are using dynamic blockchain technology to provide a player experience that will shape the future of the iGaming industry, in a platform fully licensed by the Curacao Gaming Control Board.

Provably Fair Gaming

All games offered in the Moonbet casino use 'Provably Fair' blockchain technology, so players can instantly verify the fairness of every hand, spin, or game they play.

Premium Sportsbook

The Moonbet Sportsbook delivers 1000s of betting options across 30+ sports, as well as an integrated eSports betting platform.

Variety of Cryptocurrencies

Players can deposit, play with, and withdraw a wide range of cryptos including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Doge, and more.

Tokenomics of MBET:

The MBET token will allow us to grow the Moonbet community worldwide, while providing holders with rewards they deserve.

Token Details

  • TOKEN NAME Moonbet
  • TOTAL TOKEN SUPPLY : 1,000,000,000,000
    (2.5% FROM PUBLIC ICO SALE) 10,000,000,000
    (5% FROM PUBLIC ICO SALE) 20,000,000,000
  • SOFT CAP$500 K
  • HARD CAP$1.2 M


TOKEN SUPPLY IN ICO 390,000,000,000


NO. OF TOKENS IN ICO PHASE 1 50,000,000,000


NO. OF TOKENS IN ICO PHASE 2 150,000,000,000


NO. OF TOKENS IN ICO PHASE 3 170,000,000,000

Token Distribution

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  • Seed Funding and ICO - 40%
  • Moonbet Community -25%
  • Reserved for Future Decentralization Phases -20%
  • Core Team - 10%
  • Airdrops - 5%

Allocation of ICO Funds

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  • Marketing - 50%
  • Capital Reserve - 15%
  • Operations & Administration - 10%
  • Partnership and Community Growth - 10%
  • Development of MoonBet Sportsbook & Casino - 10%
  • Regulatory and Licensing - 5%

Moonbet Roadmap

Our roadmap is designed for a combination of immediate success, while also laying the foundation to accomplish the long-term goals of a fully-decentralized iGaming.

Q4 2020
  • Moonbet Concept Creation
  • Strategic Gaming Partnerships
  • Strategic Marketing Plan
Q1 2021
  • Development of MoonBet’s Token - MBET
  • MoonBet Sportsbook and Casino Sitemap
  • ICO Preparations
Q2 2021
  • Partnership with Blockchain App Factory
  • License from Curacao Gaming Control Board
  • MBET Token Development
  • Seed Funding Round
Q3 2021
  • ICO Pre-Sale and ICO Launch
  • Public Launch of MoonBet Casino & Sportsbook
  • eSports Gaming Integration
  • MBET Token Holder Rewards
  • MBET Staking Pools
Q4 2021
  • Strategic Sporting Partnerships
  • Inclusion of Various Languages
  • NFT Integrations for Bet Certification
Q2 2022
  • Phase 2 of Decentralization Plan
  • Moonbet Blockchain
  • Moonbet Exchange for Fiat-to-Crypto
  • Casino Game Development
Q2 2023
  • Phase 3 of Decentralization Plan
  • Moonbet Sports Data Feed
  • Moonbet Payment Processing

How Moonbet Works

Buy moonbet Tokens: The first step is to purchase the MBET tokens and hold them in your secure wallet.

Players Use Moonbet's Sportbook and Casino: Players can join Moonbet to bet on sports, play in our provably fair casino, and wager on our eSports platform.

Receive Your Profits: 50% of all profits are distributed among the holders of the platform, while the other 50% are reinvested to optimize our product.

Core Team

Moonbet is led by a team that perfectly blends iGaming managment experience with a passion for blockchain development, marketing, and more.

  • Certificate in Sportsbook Management
  • Certificate in iGaming Marketing

Jason has over 10 years of experience in the iGaming industry, having served as the Sportsbook and Casino operations manager for a startup. He blends his passion for iGaming with six years of investing and marketing experience in blockchain technology to bring the Moonbet concept to life.

Jason PoprawaFounder & CEO

  • Telecommunications Engineering Specialist
  • Masters Degree in App Development

With over 10 years of experience in web and app development, Diego has led projects for the biggest consulting company in Spain. A user experience guru, he will ensure that Moonbet´s ecosystem delivers an unmatched player experience.

Diego AlmuiñaHead of Design and Development

  • Experienced Programming Analyst
  • Development Project Manager

A lover of computer analysis, projection and development, Victor has led intricate projects for corporations including Nissan, Neuroline and GlobalPay. He is always pushing the boundaries to integrate cutting-edge technology into any ecosystem.

Víctor BondarukSenior Developer

  • Multimedia, Photography and Videography Specialist
  • Certified in Social Media Management & Paid Advertising

Constanza offers expertise in everything needed to help the Moonbet community thrive. From directing documentaries to heading campaigns for sporting events with world class teams, she will bring our project to the world.

Constanza CarbonellCommunity & Social Media Manager

  • Over 10 Years in Project Management
  • Created & Managed Multiple High Stakes Fantasy Sports Leagues

John´s ability to lead and manage teams has driven the success of operations across multiple industries. His player acquisition and retention abilities, as well as branding experience, will ensure Moonbet's rapid growth.

John CitroDirector of Marketing

  • Over 7 Years in Blockchain Investment
  • Project Management
    and Sales Specialist

Mike has been active in the blockchain world since 2015. His experience and understanding of what works makes him the ideal business strategist for Moonbet.

Michael StefancicBusiness Strategy Specialist


A Chartered Accountant with over 30 years of experience in financial regulation, Andy has a comprehensive knowledge of corporate governance and risk management. His abilities to manage the financial and compliance of Moonbet is a valuable asset to the project's long-term vision.

Andy Poprawa

Our Partners

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Moonbet?

Moonbet is the world’s first iGaming ecosystem that will be decentralized and driven by the community.

We allow anybody to receive the benefits of owning a premium blockchain-based casino, sports, and eSports betting platform simply by holding MBET tokens.

2. How does Moonbet work?

Our ecosystem is designed to be simple for the community to benefit on a regular basis.

  • Buy MBET tokens from our public ICO sale (or through a public exchange once we are listed in Q3 2021)
  • Hold MBET tokens in your wallet (we recommend Trust Wallet for safety and security)
  • As players use our Moonbet Sportsbook & Casino, we divide the profits on a regular basis: 50% for distribution to the community and 50% reinvestment into operations.
  • Receive regular profit airdrops directly into your wallet based on the amount of MBET tokens you hold

3. Do players need to use MBET in the Moonbet Sportsbook & Casino?

No. Players can use a variety of major cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Doge and more to play on our platform.

We will also be adding more cryptocurrencies to game with in order to integrate other thriving communities into the Moonbet Ecosystem.

4. What is Provably Fair gaming?

Provably fair gaming means that all our casino games are developed and played on the blockchain, so players can verify in real-time the fairness of the hand.

Much like being in a real casino and watching the dealer shuffle the cards, by clicking the ‘Verify’ button in our casino, players can ensure that every bet they made is completely random.

This goes against traditional online betting platforms, where players have no way of knowing the legitimacy of each hand player.

1. How can I buy MBET tokens?

You can buy MBET tokens directly through our website via the ICO Pre-Sale. During this time, you will receive a 50% discount on all MBET tokens.

Our full ICO will run on July 21 at a price of $0.00005.

2. How often will the profit airdrops take place?

To ensure that all profit distribution is made to Moonbet community members, the airdrops will take place on a regular yet non-scheduled timeline.

This means that you will receive the profit airdrops between 1 to 4 times per week directly into your wallet, without having to do anything.

3. Do I receive profit airdrops in MBET tokens?

No. The profit airdrops will be distributed via a stablecoin (Binance USD), so you can understand exactly how much you have received from the Moonbet Sportsbook & Casino.

Then, you can purchase more MBET tokens if you would like, meaning that you will receive more profits.

4. Do I receive more profits if I hold more MBET?

Yes. The profit airdrops will work on a calculation based on the percentage of MBET tokens you hold compared to the total MBET tokens in circulation.

You can learn more about the profit airdrop distribution mechanics in our whitepaper.

5. Can I stake my MBET tokens?

Yes. We have already implemented staking capabilities in our token, meaning that you can begin the staking process as soon as you receive your tokens.

You can learn more about staking MBET in our whitepaper.˘

1. When will the Moonbet Sportsbook & Casino be launched?

The Moonbet Sportsbook & Casino is currently in an advanced stage of development and will be launched in September 2021.

2. What will be available in the Moonbet Sportsbook & Casino?

We are developing our platform to have everything needed to compete with the world’s largest iGaming platforms.

The casino will feature six ‘provably fair’ blockchain-based games: Blackjack, Roulette, Video Poker, Dice, Crash and Hi-Lo.

The sportsbook will include 30+ sports with thousands of daily betting options, including live betting. The eSports section allows players to place bets on matches including CS:GO, League of Legends, Starcraft, and other popular games.